Online list of journals

List of Journals/books available on-line in the Singhania Library of the National Academy of Sciences, India

Journals title

S. No. Name of the Journal Publisher
1. Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology Research India Publications
2. Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications Research India Publications
3. Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics Research India Publications
4. Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications Research India Publications
5. Agricultural Economics Research Review Agricultural Economics Research Association
6. Agricultural Engineering Today Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers
7. Agricultural Reviews Agricultural Research Communication Centre
8. Agricultural Science Digest – A Research Journal Agricultural Research Communication Centre
9. Agronomy Digest The Indian Society of Agronomy
10. Allelopathy Journal International Allelopathy Foundation
11. Amity Journal of Behavioural and Forensic Sciences Amity Institute of Behavioural Health & Allied Sciences
12. Anil Aggrawal’s Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Professor Anil Aggrawal
13. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology Animal Nutrition Association
14. Annals of Plant Protection Sciences Society of Plant Protection Sciences
15. Applied Biological Research Centre for Advancement of Applied Sciences
16. Asian Man (The) Asian Institute of Human Science and Development
17. BEDE ATHENAEUM :- A Journal of Research Papers St. Bede’s College Shimla
18. Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Samiti
19. Clay Research The Clay Minerals Society of India
20. Defence Science Journal Defence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre, Delhi
21. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology Defence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre, Delhi
22. Far and Near in Water & Energy Central Board of Irrigation and Power
23. Fire Engineer Institution of Fire Engineers (India)
24. Global Journal of Business Excellence Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management
25. Global Journal of e-Business and Knowledge Management Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management
26. Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management
27. GYANODAYA – The Journal of Progressive Education Integrated School of Education
28. Hydrology Journal Indian Association of Hydrologists
29. IASSI-Quarterly Indian Association of Social Science Institutions
30. IIMS Journal of Management Science Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shillong
31. Indian Cow (The): The Scientific and Economic Journal Love 4 Cow Trust
32. Indian Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Indian Congress of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
33. Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry The Indian Society of Agricultural Biochemists
34. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research Agricultural Research Communication Centre
35. Indian Journal of Agronomy The Indian Society of Agronomy
36. Indian Journal of Animal Research Agricultural Research Communication Centre
37. Indian Journal of Comparative Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases Indian Association of Veterinary Microbiologists, Immunologists and Specialists in Infectious Diseases
38. Indian Journal of Crop Science (The) Satish Serial Publishing House
39. Indian Journal of Entomology The Entomological Society of India
40. Indian Journal of Finance and Research Indian Financial Management Association
41. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Dr. R.K. Sharma
42. Indian Journal of Horticulture The Horticultural Society of India
43. Indian Journal of Nematology The Nematological Society of India
44. Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Dr. Archna Sharma
45. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology Indian Society for Plant Physiology
46. Indian Journal of Poultry Science Indian Poultry Science Association
47. Indian Journal of Sleep Medicine The Indian Sleep Disorders Association
48. Indian Journal of Small Ruminants (The) Indian Society for Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization
49. Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists
50. Indian Journal of Veterinary Research (The) Indian Association For the Advancement of Veterinary Research
51. Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery
52. Indian Journal of Virology Indian Virological Society
53. Indian Journal of Weed Science Indian Society of Weed Science
54. Indian Media Studies Journal Satish Serial Publishing House
55. Information Studies Ranganathan Centre for Information Studies
56. International Journal of Applied Agricultural Research Research India Publications
57. International Journal of Applied Chemistry Research India Publications
58. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Research India Publications
59. International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences Research India Publications
60. International Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences GBS Publishers & Distributors (India)
61. International Journal of Biotechnology and Biochemistry Research India Publications
62. International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics Research India Publications
63. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research Research India Publications
64. International Journal of Cow Science Cow Therapy Society
65. International Journal of Difference Equations Research India Publications
66. International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids Research India Publications
67. International Journal of Educational Administration Research India Publications
68. International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management
69. International Journal of Lakes and Rivers Research India Publications
70. International Journal of Materials Sciences Research India Publications
71. International Journal of Mechanics & Solids Research India Publications
72. International Journal of Medical Toxicology & Legal Medicine Medico Legal Society
73. International Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications Research India Publications
74. International Journal of Nursing Education Dr. R.K. Sharma
75. International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography Research India Publications
76. International Journal of Oil Palm Society for Promotion of Oil Palm Research and Development
77. International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology Research India Publications
78. International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Research India Publications
79. International Journal of Regulation and Governance The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
80. International Journal of Statistics and Systems Research India Publications
81. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Research India Publications
82. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers
83. Journal of Applied Animal Research Garuda Scientific Publications
84. Journal of Bombay Veterinary College (The) Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association
85. Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics Research India Publications
86. Journal of Dairying Foods & Home Sciences  Agricultural Research Communication Centre
87. Journal of Ecophysiology & Occupational Health The Academy of Environmental Biology, India
88. Journal of Entomological Research Malhotra Publishing House
89. Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Medico Legal Society
90. Journal of Immunology and Immunopathology Society for Immunology and Immunopathology
91. Journal of Income & Wealth (The) Indian Association for Research in National Income & Wealth
92. Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine
93. Journal of Indian Management & Strategy 8M (The) Jagannath International Management School
94. Journal of Management Research South Asia Publications on behalf of Management Science Association, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi
95. Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science National Metallurgical Laboratory
96. Journal of Neonatology National Neonatology Forum
97. Journal of Palynology Today & Tomorrow’s Printers & Publishers
98. Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology Society for Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology
99. Journal of Plant Disease Sciences Association of Plant Pathologist
100. Journal of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
101. Journal of Research, SKUAST-J Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology-Jammu
102. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science Indian Society of Soil Science
103. Journal of the Indian Society of Toxicology The Indian Society of Toxicology
104. Journal of the International Association on Electricity Generation Transmission and Distribution International Association on Electricity Generation Transmission & Distribution
105. Journal of Veterinary Parasitology The Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology
106. Journal of Wavelet Theory and Applications Research India Publications
107. LBS Journal of Management & Research Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management
108. Legume Research – An International Journal Agricultural Research Communication Centre
109. Lucknow Journal of Humanities Lucknow University Teacher’s Academic Publication Society
110. Lucknow Journal of Science Lucknow University Teacher’s Academic Publication Society
111. Lucknow Journal of Social Sciences Lucknow University Teacher’s Academic Publication Society
112. Management & Change Institute for Integrated Learning in Management
113. Mass Communicator: A Journal of Communication Studies Jagannath International Management School
114. Medicinal Plants – International Journal of Phytomedicines and Related Industries Society for Conservation and Resource Development of Medicinal Plants
115. Medico-Legal Update Dr. R.K. Sharma
116. Money and Finance ICRA Limited
117. NEW BOTANIST- International Journal of Plant Science Research Today & Tomorrow’s Printers & Publishers
118. PEARL – A Journal of Library and Information Science University Library Teacher’s Association of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
119. Pest Management In Horticultural Ecosystems Association for Advancement of Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems
120. Potato Journal The Indian Potato Association
121. Power Engineer Journal The Society of Power Engineers (India)
122. Pranjana:The Journal of Management Awareness Integrated Academy of Management And Technology
123. Resources, Energy, and Development The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
124. SRELS Journal of Information Management Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science
125. TERI Information Digest on Energy and Environment The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
126. VIDHIGYA: The Journal of Legal Awareness Integrated School of Law Ghaziabad
127. Water and Energy Abstracts Central Board of Irrigation and Power
128. Water and Energy International Central Board of Irrigation and Power
129. Water and Energy Research Digest Central Board of Irrigation and Power
130. World Affairs: The Journal of International Issues Kapur Surya Foundation
Emerald publications
131. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal Emerald
132. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology Emerald
133. American Journal of Police Emerald
134. Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials Emerald
135. Antidote, The Emerald
136. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics Emerald
137. Asian Libraries Emerald
138. Aslib Proceedings Emerald
139. Assembly Automation Emerald
140. Balance Sheet Emerald
141. Baltic Journal of Management Emerald
142. Benchmarking: An International Journal Emerald
143. Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances, The Emerald
144. British Food Journal Emerald
145. British Journal of Clinical Governance Emerald
146. Business Process Management Journal Emerald
147. Business Strategy Series Emerald
148. Campus-Wide Information Systems Emerald
149. Career Development International Emerald
150. Chinese Management Studies Emerald
151. Circuit World Emerald
152. Clinical Governance: An International Journal Emerald
152. Clinical Performance and Quality Healthcare Emerald
153. Collection Building Emerald
154. COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Emerald
155. Corporate Communications: An International Journal Emerald
156. Corporate Governance Emerald
157. Critical perspectives on international business Emerald
158. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal Emerald
159. Development and Learning in Organizations Emerald
160. Direct Marketing: An International Journal Emerald
161. Disaster Prevention and Management Emerald
162. Education + Training Emerald
163. Electronic Library, The Emerald
164. Electronic Resources Review Emerald
165. Employee Relations Emerald
166. Empowerment in Organizations Emerald
167. Engineering Computations Emerald
168. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management Emerald
169. Environmental Management and Health Emerald
170. Equal Opportunities International Emerald
171. European Business Review Emerald
172. European Journal of Innovation Management Emerald
173. European Journal of Marketing Emerald
174. Executive Development Emerald
175. Facilities Emerald
176. Foresight Emerald
177. Gender in Management: An International Journal Emerald
178. Handbook of Business Strategy Emerald
179. Health Education Emerald
180. Health Manpower Management Emerald
181. Human Resource Management International Digest Emerald
182. Humanomics Emerald
183. Industrial and Commercial Training Emerald
184. Industrial Lubrication and Tribology Emerald
185. Industrial Management & Data Systems Emerald
186. Industrial Robot: An International Journal Emerald
187. Info Emerald
188. Information Management & Computer Security Emerald
189. Information Technology & People Emerald
190. Integrated Manufacturing Systems Emerald
191. Interlending & Document Supply Emerald
192. International Journal of Agile Management Systems Emerald
193. International Journal of Bank Marketing Emerald
194. International Journal of Career Management Emerald
195. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology Emerald
196. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management Emerald
197. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research Emerald
198. International Journal of Educational Management Emerald
199. International Journal of Emerging Markets Emerald
200. International Journal of Energy Sector Management Emerald
201. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research Emerald
202. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance Emerald
203. International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics Emerald
204. International Journal of Law and Management Emerald
205. International Journal of Logistics Management, The Emerald
206. International Journal of Managerial Finance Emerald
207. International Journal of Manpower Emerald
208. International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow Emerald
209. International Journal of Operations & Production Management Emerald
210. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing Emerald
211. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management Emerald
212. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management Emerald
213. International Journal of Public Sector Management Emerald
214. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management Emerald
215. International Journal of Quality Science Emerald
216. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management Emerald
217. International Journal of Service Industry Management Emerald
218. International Journal of Social Economics Emerald
219. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy Emerald
220. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education Emerald
221. International Journal of Wine Business Research Emerald
222. International Journal of Wine Marketing Emerald
223. International Journal on Grey Literature Emerald
224. International Marketing Review Emerald
225. Internet Research Emerald
226. Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change Emerald
227. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing Emerald
228. Journal of Business Strategy Emerald
229. Journal of Communication Management Emerald
230. Journal of Consumer Marketing Emerald
231. Journal of Corporate Real Estate Emerald
232. Journal of Documentation Emerald
233. Journal of Economic Studies Emerald
234. Journal of Educational Administration Emerald
235. Journal of Enterprise Information Management Emerald
236. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy Emerald
237. Journal of European Industrial Training Emerald
238. Journal of Facilities Management Emerald
239. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management Emerald
240. Journal of Financial Crime Emerald
241. Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance Emerald
242. Journal of Health Organisation and Management Emerald
243. Journal of Human Resource Costing & Accounting Emerald
244. Journal of Intellectual Capital Emerald
245. Journal of Investment Compliance Emerald
246. Journal of Knowledge Management Emerald
247. Journal of Management Development Emerald
248. Journal of Management History Emerald
250. Journal of Management History (Archive) Emerald
251. Journal of Management in Medicine Emerald
252. Journal of Managerial Psychology Emerald
253. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management Emerald
254. Journal of Marketing Practice: Applied Marketing Science Emerald
255. Journal of Modelling in Management Emerald
256. Journal of Money Laundering Control Emerald
257. Journal of Organizational Change Management Emerald
258. Journal of Product & Brand Management Emerald
259. Journal of Property Finance Emerald
260. Journal of Property Investment & Finance Emerald
261. Journal of Property Valuation and Investment Emerald
262. Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering Emerald
263. Journal of Risk Finance, The Emerald
264. Journal of Service Management Emerald
265. Journal of Services Marketing Emerald
266. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development Emerald
267. Journal of Technology Management in China Emerald
268. Journal of Workplace Learning Emerald
269. Kybernetes Emerald
270. Leadership & Organization Development Journal Emerald
271. Leadership in Health Services Emerald
272. Learning Organization, The Emerald
273. Librarian Career Development Emerald
274. Library Consortium Management: An International Journal Emerald
275. Library Hi Tech Emerald
276. Library Hi Tech News Emerald
277. Library Management Emerald
278. Library Review Emerald
279. Logistics Information Management Emerald
280. Management Decision Emerald
281. Management Development Review Emerald
282. Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal Emerald
283. Management Research News Emerald
284. Managerial Auditing Journal Emerald
285. Managerial Finance Emerald
286. Managerial Law Emerald
287. Managing Service Quality Emerald
288. Marketing Intelligence & Planning Emerald
289. Measuring Business Excellence Emerald
290. Microelectronics International Emerald
291. Multicultural Education & Technology Journal Emerald
292. New Library World Emerald
293. Nutrition & Food Science Emerald
294. OCLC Systems & Services Emerald
295. On the Horizon Emerald
296. Online Information Review Emerald
297. Participation and Empowerment: An International Journal Emerald
298. Performance Measurement and Metrics Emerald
299. Personnel Review Emerald
300. Pigment & Resin Technology Emerald
301. Police Studies: Intnl Review of Police Development Emerald
302. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management Emerald
303. Pricing Strategy and Practice Emerald
304. Program: electronic library and information systems Emerald
305. Property Management Emerald
306. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal Emerald
307. Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management Emerald
308. Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal Emerald
309. Quality Assurance in Education Emerald
310. Rapid Prototyping Journal Emerald
311. Records Management Journal Emerald
312. Reference Reviews Emerald
313. Reference Services Review Emerald
314. Review of Accounting and Finance Emerald
315. Sensor Review Emerald
316. Society and Business Review Emerald
317. Soldering & Surface Mount Technology Emerald
318. Strategic Direction Emerald
319. Strategy & Leadership Emerald
320. Structural Survey Emerald
321. Studies in Economics and Finance Emerald
322. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal Emerald
323. Team Performance Management Emerald
324. The TQM Journal Emerald
325. The TQM Magazine Emerald
326. Training for Quality Emerald
327. Training Strategies for Tomorrow Emerald
328. Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy Emerald
329. VINE Emerald
330. Women In Management Review Emerald
331. Work Study Emerald
332. World Class Design to Manufacture Emerald
333. Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers Emerald
Nature publishing group
334. Nature Macmillian
Annual Reviews
335. Analytical chemistry
336. Anthropology
337. Astronomy and Astrophysics
338. Biochemistry
339. Biomedical Engineering
340. Biophysics
341. Cell and Developmental Biology
342. Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering
343. Clinical Psychology
344. Condensed Matter Physics
345. Earth and Planetary Sciences
346. Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics
347. Economics
348. Entomology
349. Environment and Resources
350. Financial Economics
351. Fluid Mechanics
352. Food Science and Technology
353. Genetics
354. Genomics and Human Genetics
355. Immunology
356. Law and Social Science
357. Marine Science
358. Materials Research
359. Medicine
360. Microbiology
361. Neuroscience
362. Nuclear and Particle Science
363. Nutrition
364. Pathology: mechanisms of disease
365. Pharmacology and Toxicology
366. Physical Chemistry
367. Physiology
368. Phytopathology
369. Plant Biology
370. Political Science
371. Psychology
372. Public Health
373. Resource Economics
374. Sociology
375. 2009 Economics Collection

Web of Sciencewith Conference Proceedings (1986-present)

Access the world’s leading scholarly literature in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities and examine proceedings of international conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops, and conventions.

  • Navigate with cited reference searching and Author Finder
  • Use the Analyze Tool to identify trends and patterns
  • Backfiles available to 1900
  • Access enhanced coverage of books and meeting abstracts


  • Science Citation Index Expanded (1987-present)
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science (1990-present)
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Social Science & Humanities (1990-present)
  • Current Chemical Reactions (1986-present)

(includes Institut National de la Propriete Industrielle structure data back to 1840)

  • Index Chemicus (1993-present)

Derwent Innovations Index (1963-present)

Value-added patent information from Derwent World Patent Index as well as patent citation information from Patents Citation Index.

  • Use patent data to protect your ongoing work, discover the latest technological advances, monitor competitors’ progress, and formulate fresh ideas for research
  • Get a comprehensive overview of inventions in the global marketplace in all categories: chemical, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering
  • Patent coverage to 1963; citations to 1973


  • Chemical Section (1963-present)
  • Electrical and Electronic Section (1963-present)
  • Engineering Section (1963-present)


Books title

1.Advances in Fish Culture and Fisheries

[ Society for Immunology and Immunopathology ]

 2.Advances in Pollen Spore Research

[ Today & Tomorrow’s Printers & Publishers ]

 3.Appraising Energy Efficiency Projects Designing Financial Structures and Instruments

[ Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd ]

 4.Computational Intelligence for Modelling Complex Systems

[ Research India Publications ]

 5.Environment and Agriculture

[ Malhotra Publishing House ]

6.Flexibility With Business Excellence in the Knowledge Economy

[ Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management ]

 7.Flexible Enterprise for Global Business

[ Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management ]

 8.Governing Power

[ The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) ]

 9.Investors’ Manual for Energy Efficiency

[ Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd ]

 10.Management of Innovation, Technology, Transfer & Flexibility for Competitiveness in the Globalized World

[ Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management ]

11.Management of IT & Infrastructure for Flexibility & Competitiveness

[ Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management ]

 12.Science, Society and Philosophy

[ Oroon Ghosh ]

Bulletins title

1.Bulletin on Energy Efficiency

[ Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd ]

 2.Energy Security Insights

[ The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) ]


[ The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) ]

Newsletters title

1.Agri Bioinformatics

[ Indian Agricultural Research Institute ]

 2.CBIP Newsletter

[ Central Board of Irrigation and Power ]

 3.Ireda News

[ Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd ]

 4.TERI Newswire

[ The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) ]


[ Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association ]