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  A Brief Report on Schedule Tribe Welfare Programme being Executed by NASI 
  2nd Circular – 89th Annual Session of NASI and Symposium on “Science and Technology based Entrepreneurship Development” on December 21-23, 2019 at ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad 
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(I) An Introduction-

India could Justly feel proud for its unique contributions to science in the ancient past. However, successive foreign invasions and alien rule for centuries pushed science in the background and the country went through with what may be described as the dark age for science.       More

Provisionally accepted Abstracts (Physical Sciences) – Unedited scanned copies for reference only for the 89th Annual Session of NASI

Provisionally accepted Abstracts (Biological Sciences) – Unedited scanned copies for reference only for the 89th Annual Session of NASI (From page no 1-20, oral presentations; and thereafter for poster presentation.)

Tentative Programme - 89th Annual Session & Symposium

Prof. MGK Menon Memorial Award - A Report

A Brief Report (2018-19) on the Activities of NASI

National Mathematics Day - 2019 (December 30-31, 2019)

Fellows/Foreign Fellows Elected 2019

List of Selected Scientists for the Membership of NASI for the Year 2019

  Year Book 2019    Year Book 2019    Year Book 2019   Year Book 2019

NASI Senior Scientist Selected for the Year 2019

Abstracts accepted for presentation during the 88th Annual Session of the NASI, to be held at Chitrakoot (6-8 December 2018)


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Proceedings of the 87th Annual Session of NASI and Symposium on 'Basic Research : Its Role in National Development'

Indian Science, its Competitive Strength and its Relevance to National Needs - Report by NASI Study group 2018

Fellows/Foreign Fellows Elected 2018

Announcements -

  1. Summer Research Fellowship Programme  (SRFP) - 2019

  2. Focus Area Science Technology Summer Fellowship (FAST-SF) – 2019


Statement on INO from the three Indian science academies: INSA, NASI, and IASc.


Science Academies Summer Research Fellowship Programme 2018

Focus Area Science Technology Summer Fellowship 2018

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Link to download images for NASI Scopus Young Scientists Awards 2016

NASI-Senior Scientist Platinum Jubilee Fellowship 2016

Proceedings of the 84th Annual Session

NASI : A Profile
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RFD Report

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 Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

(January  2005 - October 2006)


Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the Academy : A Review

Hon'ble Prime Minister's Speech delivered at the Concluding Function of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the Academy (October 6, 2006, IIT, Mumbai)

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  NASI-Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Awards (2019)

TRAILBLAZERS (Mapping the Journey of Young Bioentrepreneurs)


The Journey of NASI

Monograph by Professor P.N. Tandon

85th Annual Session & Symposium (December 6-8, 2015)

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NASI Annual Plan of Three Consecutive Years

Report & Recommendations on the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy – Implementation aspects

Report & Recommendations of Brain-Storming Session on "Climate Change"